I don’t know about this one UD…

I was rolling around the interwebs tonight and ended up on the UD blog and saw this.
Not sure about this one.

You can see the full patch on Marques’ right shoulder. I am not sure it’s a fitting tribute to take an image of the Towers and cut it into smaller pieces. At best it is ill advised and maybe even touching on bad taste. I am sure UD had the best of intentions but it leaves a bad taste.


7 responses to “I don’t know about this one UD…

  1. Doesn’t bother me a bit. People are too sensitive about 9/11 if you ask me.

    I still can’t believe it’s been 10 years though. Makes me feel old. Things are definitely a lot different now, that’s for sure.

    • I am not outraged or anything, it just doesn’t sit quiet right.

      • Just curious, but do you have a problem with them cutting up an image of the flag?

      • I am not getting into that debate. If you want to get into patriotism, I am expressing my constitutional right to not like this card.

      • Sorry dude, but you opened up debate when you posted this article for the public to read / comment on, and used words like “ill-advised” and “bad taste”. And now you’re throwing in misdirection by bringing up constitutional rights. All I was wondering was if you valued an image of a building over an image of a piece of cloth – and if so, why. You’re the one that used your Jump to Conclusions Mat to go all “patriotic”. Would you rather your readers not ask thought-provoking questions?

  2. UD knew what they were doing making this card ca ching

  3. I’m $ure they had nothing but the be$t of intention$ when producing thi$ card.

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