This even irks me a little bit…

It has been reported around the interwebs that redemptions for a Team USA set inserted in Topps chrome will not be redeemed for a set but instead a pack of 6 cards from the set. I am usually Mr. Sunshine and Roses about stuff but this has me feeling a little half empty.
If it gets me a little it is sure to piss off some of my more emotionally charged fellow collectors.

I don’t know the scope of the problem, but even if it is just a handful of redemptions the PR damage is big. Topps has taken a few hits since taking over sole ownership of the MLB license. While this isn’t a legal issue, Topps covers themselves with a disclaimer stating things subject to change, doesn’t mean it was a good idea. As I mentioned with UD expired redemptions a while ago; sure you don’t have a legal obligation to accept expired redemptions but considering the bad blood between you and some of your customer base it presents a great opportunity to get a win in the PR column. Same applies for Topps in this situation.

I am not going to pretend to know how it all works behind the scenes, but for an un-autographed or non-relic card the cost of production can’t be terribly high. I would imagine the cost of printing the cards to make the sets for the redemptions is much lower than the value in good PR doing so would generate.

I am also not going to get into conspericy theories about bait and switch. I am willing to accept the statement that is was a mistake.

Don’t worry I will be back to happy posts about old-ass inserts tomorrow.



One response to “This even irks me a little bit…

  1. They pull this crap all the time. It’s no different than pulling a redemption card that’s never made and having it replaced with a shittier one. Topps will never learn until idiots like us stop giving them our money. It would certainly send a clear message to MLB Properties as well.

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