That could have gone better…

The Steelers have been a part of my family going way back. My siblings and I were all born in the ‘burgh during the ’70s, in fact all of us were born during football season with my sister born a few days before a Super Bowl win.

Today we all got together to celebrate my brother and dads birth day with a little bowling outing. All of us sporting Steelers jerseys. Luckily we were far enough in to VA that were had sufficient distance between us and the Md broder so as to not come across any Ravens fans. By half time we were all avoiding eye contact.

I have no hatred of the Ravens, in fact I am a fan of a number of their players. I can even find a silver lining in the fact Ray Rice had s solid game.
I am a Ray Rice fan, even before pulling this guy.

It was a good football day all around even if the Steelers and Vikes both lost.

I will offer this as a parting shot before I finish though.
Just saying…


9 responses to “That could have gone better…

  1. I feel your pain, brother. It was a total embarrassment.

  2. Thanks for letting us know that you’ve got nothing against the Ravens, but then you had to spoil it all by resting on your team’s laurels. What a smug way of taking a beat down.

    As a parting shot, please learn how to spell and use the English language appropriately. At least learn to click the spell check button…just saying.

  3. Oh well… least the GIANTS scored 14 points in a losing effort…..LOL! And we have 3 super bowls!

  4. uh oh!! busted by the mighty spelling police.

  5. I grew up around the ‘burgh around that same time. I bleed Black and Gold during football season, and I bled a LOT this Sunday. UGH.

  6. It’s like the Bubby Brister days all over again.

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