Very curious…

I am not a big Patriots fan, in fact I tend to cheer against them, but it’s hard to deny the fact they are pretty good at winning football games. Their system is also appealing to me in that it favors team victory of individual achievement. Enter this guy.
One of the most “me” players of his generation. That’s not a shot by the way, I kinda like the guy.

The Pats took Moss when he seemed washed up and turned him back into one of the most feared weapons in the NFL. Will they do the same with Chad? We will have to wait and see.

Chad hasn’t had a huge hobby impact in a long time, that could all change if he connects with Brady and starts reeling in TDs like a madman.



4 responses to “Very curious…

  1. I think he’ll be good in NE, but not Moss good. The Pats just have too many weapons on offense, especially at WR/TE, for Ocho to become a 100 catch/1,500 yard/10 TD guy. He’ll definitely make some plays though, and I’m excited for them!

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