Built to play third…

I saw this card image on the Beckett blog.
It’s some joint Nickelodeon/MLB thing; I don’t know I didn’t read the article.

Anyway I question their decision to make Sponge Bob a pitcher. Look at him; he is built to play third. He is a wall, nothing is getting past him. Squidward has the pitchers build if anyone. Now Patrick is a prototypical first baseman, I could see him like Haywood from Major League.



3 responses to “Built to play third…

  1. Yeah but he’s a lefty…there is a premium on LH SPs.

    Patrick will definitely be a 1B, but eventually turn into a full-time DH.

    Great Haywood reference.

  2. Spongebob looks more like a catcher to me.

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