Monsters of cardboard week 1…

Even though the Steelers forgot how to play football and the Vikes kinda fell apart it was still a great first week of football. Keeping with the cardboard theme of the blog here are a few guys that had big weeks and have seen some movement on the ol’ card market.

I am a big Kenny Britt fan, I am not sure why but seeing him have a nice solid week makes me happy. His cards have always been in that lower second tier range. If he keeps this up he could jump up to be one of the big dogs from the ’09 class. His 100 plus yards and 2 TDs was very nice. The guy has amazing physical skills. Hopefully old man Hasselbeck can keep it going. The down side to Kenny is he has old man Hasselbeck throwing to him.

Philly is the talk of the NFL. I am not %100 sold but I do like McCoy. With Vick a changed man and throwing down field from time to time it should help the run game leaving our man here the opportunity for more 100 yard games. I can also see him busting out some big runs like he did this past week. The downside is Vick may decide to tuck and run like the old days, taking carries away from LM.

Cam was already huge in the card world. A solid showing in his first outing will push his stuff even higher. I hope he keeps it up but I am skeptical. If you are the type of guy that likes to sell high it may be a good time to drop any Cam stuff. Then again if he gets better…

The biggest winner from Cam’s tossing it up was Steve. He was the top WR a few years ago, a solid QB could put him back in the top spot. I used to hate playing teams in fantasy that had Steve Smith, he would kill me.

This is a bit of a homer pick. The reason he is here is that his kick return for a TD showed he still has some speed and moves left. If McNabb can get things going Percy could start killing it again. Just as long as he stays healthy and migraine free.

This goes without saying. Brady is a monster and has been for a long time. I don’t care what you say I would take Brady over any QB in the league hands down. As spastikmooss pointed out the Pats have a ton of weapons at his disposal. Including two guys under six foot tall that somehow manage to tear it up in a league full of monsters.
Brady’s cards are already out of reach. He wins another ring, forget about it.

Falcco also had monster day, but I am too depressed and couldn’t bring myself to scan one of his cards. I would also say if you have about 20 bucks burning a hole in your pocket, picking up a Ray Rice auto RC might not be a bad way to go.

I know there are others but these are the guys that jumped out at me. Also remember I am just some dude with a blog so take my advice for what its worth…very little.



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