Mini Don…

Like any good child of the ’80s I was a Mattingly fan. So I was pumped when I found this little guy in a pack last weekend.
I am not the biggest mini-card fan. In fact they kind of annoy me. They slide around the pages unless you buy the special ones. They are hard to sort and seem kinda gimmicky anymore. All that said the lil’ Kimball Champions cards in this years Topps have grown on me.

I like the images of Donny Baseball used. The close up is how I remember him, mustache and all. The smaller image I like because it looks a little like one of my all time favorite cards, his ’88 Topps.

I also got this.
Come to think of it this looks like the smaller image on the Kimball from a slightly different angle. I am all about the D-man but a reprint of a mid-80s card is a little silly. Older cards I get, but if someone wants an ’86 Mattingly they aren’t hard to find, and run about a 1/4 the price of a pack of 2011 series 2.



3 responses to “Mini Don…

  1. I don’t see it, they look nothing alike. jersey, eye black, nothing. imo

  2. If you dig a little, you can probably find the card that was used for the lower portion of the KC. In looking at the Hank Aaron, I think they used his 1976 card, for the top portion.

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