Mr. Jefferson’s team…

I have mentioned a few times my connection to the University of Virginia. It is a fine institution with a less than great football team in recent years.

Interestingly enough even though the team has been short on wins they have had a higher than average number of players head of to the NFL. I will pick up a card here and there of any Hoo in the pros, especially in sets like Elite and Sage that show them in their UVa attire.

The other day I landed this beauty.
I think Kevin will have a nice season down in Dallas, as long as Romo sticks to throwing the ball instead of fumbling at the goal line. I would also like to point out his nice signature.

The Hoos are 2-0, even though one win was against William and Mary, but we will take it. I know Spankee will have some comment. I counter with two words, Marcus Vick.



4 responses to “Mr. Jefferson’s team…

  1. It was always a toss up of who did more for Virginia Tech football from 2004-2009; Al Groh or Frank Beamer. I typically lean with the former.

  2. Groh was not the most popular guy in C-ville

  3. 52-14
    That was the score of Marcus Vick’s game against UVA.

    That’s a nice card, though. UVA looks pretty in pink.

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