Random cards…

I was digging through my collection looking for a card for an upcoming post, here is a little teaser. While looking through a stack I decided to pull some random cards to toss up just for the hell of it. Here they are in no particular order.

I pulled this guy from a box of UD football a few years back. I think Chad has some potential so this may yet turn out to be a sweet pull.

There was a time this was a pretty sweet pull. I was a fan of ’05 Heritage; I wish Topps had stuck with heritage football.

This guy came from a single pack impulse buy when I was picking up supplies at a local card shop in the DC area. It’s numbered to 75 and blue refractors are always cool. At one time this was about a $150 card. It’s not worth nearly as much but is still cool.

My wife and I picked up a box of SPX at a Chantilly card show a few years back. At the time this was the sickest patch I ever pulled. It still ranks high, I mean a patch numbered to 25 of a sure fire HOFer, what’s not to love.

Not the best looking card, but a jersey of Kobe is always cool and it is numbered to 50.

When I was collecting as a teenager back in the early ’90s I put together a pretty nice Jordan collection. This is one of my favorites. It’s a nice simple design that lets the picture do the talking.



3 responses to “Random cards…

  1. Kevin,
    Please check my trade bait (http://toomanycg.blogspot.com/p/trade-bait.html) for the Henne. I’m still working on uploading football but pretty much all my baseball is there.

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