A set after Johnny Cash’s heart…free cards…

The 2010-11 card season is wrapping up and Panini has one last release for the court, Elite Black Box.
This is a high end product running around $250 for an 8 card box. The box promises 3 autos and 3 relics.

First off are the base cards.
These are some nice looking cards. The background is a little glossy, but subdued with the player photo a shade glossier. The background has a carbon fiber cross hatch pattern that looks cool and help break up all the black. It gives it a nice texture (I haven’t mentioned texture in a review in a while). As with all black cards they will be condition sensitive. The base are numbered to 99, a minuscule print run for a base set.

The card backs are sweet.
Lots of nice details. On the stats the colored bar corresponds with the team colors. As a big fan of team colors being incorporated into card designs this is a major win. I also love tat they used a different picture from the one on front. I am a big fan of these cards. They are very high quality, what you would expect from such a high dollar item.

The hits


Same as the base with the relic added. The relic placemnt works, it’s not forced or in the way. It’s numbered to 99. Big props to Panini for including a guy you don’t often see on cardboard.

Here is an interesting card.
Before you go crazy this card is numbered to 99, so the logoman must be manufactured. It’s stills looks really cool. Here is the flip side.
This card is about 1/3 of an inch thick. It is a brick. Gary Payton and Westbrook are both cool so I am a fan. It’s 66/99 so you know what that means, palindrome card!

I love this card design. The lions on the side and the refractory/mirrored surface are really cool. It doesn’t come across in the scan but this is much shinier than the other cards in the box. I like the placement of the relics. There are really sweet on card auto version of these cards that are amazing.

The back of these are cool.
I love the shield shaped picture and the lions on the sides. This card has class.


Lots of old school dudes in this set. 2 time NBA champion M.L. Carr. He is numbered to 149 and is the highest numbered card in the box.

Now we are getting somewhere. The original “savior” of the Clippers, Blake take notice. Danny Manning was a big deal back in the late ’80s into the early ’90s after being drafted #1 overall in ’88. I would never go out of my way to pick up a Manning auto but I am glad to add one to the old collection. It’s numbered to 24.

The final hit was sweet. It was a redemption for a Flag patch auto of Isiah Thomas number to 10. I am excited to check this card out when it arrives.

There ya have it. Elite Black Box is for the high roller crowd and is a really solid looking product. As with any high end there is a roll of the dice component. As far as the quality of the cards and design I am a fan.

Drop a comment with you favorite card of the break and what you like about it. I will pick one at random and send the winner a hit or two from the break.



8 responses to “A set after Johnny Cash’s heart…free cards…

  1. All that for $250… I’ll pass. People have to stop buying products like this. It’s just going to get worse and worse if we keep supporting this crap. Just my 2 cents.

  2. Being a Mavs fan, I’ll have to say the Kidd card is my favorite. It’s cool to see an old Celtic auto too.

  3. I’m loving the Danny Manning…. The uni is right and boy do i love those throw back Clippers jersey. Danny being a number 1 draft pick should be in this set and allot of others. It’s a shame that you don’t see that many Danny cards out there today. Plus the knee high short, old school at its best. Thanks for showing the break!!

  4. It’s hard to argue with you and wickedortega and I do like the Manning except it’s a sticker auto, if a box is $250 and you get 8 cards 2 of which are base the auto’s need to be hard signed. I’m not trying to be negative, I think it’s a nice looking product but high end cards need to be hard signed. That being said the David West is nice, I like the take-off of the the old Crusade inserts that were so popular in the 90’s (and still are). My favorite card has to be the Payton/Westbrook, how can you not love a logoman card even if it is manufactured it’s still really cool. Overall it’s a cool looking product, wish they’d do something like it in Baseball now that they have a license (sort of).

  5. My favorite is Tom Chambers. It looks like if he gets tired he could just sit down on a “beanbag chair” made out of his own jersey.

  6. What I like: The usage of players from past era’s that you seldom see. The unique design and usage of space on the cards.

    What I dislike: It seems like another high end product that is hard to justify or see the value in what you spend on a box. I really like Panini’s hockey and football releases, but can’t jump on board with their NBA stuff. That may be because I loathe the NBA for the most part, so partially on me anyway for not liking the cards.

  7. I want to say the Crusade, because that is great design, but I’ll go with the Dual Payton/Westbrook. looks sweet, really thick and ties the franchise together with point guards from the Seattle and OKC eras.

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