Unexpected surprise…plus video break…

Today when the mail arrived there was an envelope from Norther Virginia. It had he tell-tale rigid center of a card in a toploader. It was from my boy Matt, a loyal reader and all around good dude. Inside was this.
Sweetness. I am a big fan of Finest football and always excited to add another Viking to the ol’ collection. No trade or anything, he just thought I would like the card. How cool is that?

Thanks a ton Matt.

Also, check out my video break of a box of Dominion, review coming soon.



2 responses to “Unexpected surprise…plus video break…

  1. I’m excited for the review you put up. I watched the video break again, and one thing I didn’t notice the first time is that Letang now plays for the Pirates!?!

    Just busting your chops! I still think you did an excellent job. One thing I didn’t mention before is I really like the wood lacquered box the cards came packaged within. That adds nicely to the feel of the high end set.

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