Ebay pick ups, NFL rookie edition…

Man another football post, it’s like the season just started or something.

Right before the start of the season I always get an itch to pick up a few of the rookie class. I want to pick up a card or two incase they have a huge first week and their cards get out of reach.

This year I focused on three dudes with some decent results.

This guy was a no brainer.
I like this card for a couple of reasons:
* I am a fan of nice non-auto/relic rookies with Finest and Elite being my preferred brands. This years design is nice and simple with lots of Mojo-quality shine.
* I love his pose, there is something about his big hand and finger sticking out.
* It was pretty cheap for a nice quality card, less than $4 delivered.

I picked up this guy from the same set.
A refractor no less. I think Ryan will be a solid QB someday. He has a lot to gain from sitting on the sidelines and watching Brady through for a million yards each week. Hopefully he will be more Aaron Rodgers than Jim Sorgi.

The last guy is some I mentioned last week.
He didn’t have any carries and was overshadowed by Cobb but I still think he will be solid. i also like that the auto is on card. I am still on the fence with the black storm background of Inception. All in all not a bad pick up for under 10 bucks.

The Vikings second rounder Kyle Rudolph was also on the want list earlier in the summer but luckily I pulled his auto from my Elite box.

I would still like to find a nice Andy Dalton and Bilal Powell. If anyone has any up for trade let me know.



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