The High (end) Life…

I posted the video Saturday but here it is again.

Dominion is a super high end Hockey product, Panini’s answer to UDs The Cup.

It has a mess of amazing cards; Panini spent a week highlighting some of their bigger hits on their blog. It has over the top patches, cut autos, stick and tape relics, Stanley cup silver piece cards, all kinds of stuff. Some of the cooler cards I have seen in a while. Pulling one requires a $350 roll of the dice. Even with out a big hit there is a lot of value here. As with other super high end it’s not for the faint of heart, or wallet.

I already said a lot about these cards in the video so here is a quick overview and some scans. While writing this I realized the box says 8 cards, but as you can see there are 10, including five autos.

Base cards
Not bad for base cards. The photos on these cards are vivid and really pop off the card. The engraved look of the logo is also very cool. These would make a great show piece for a player or team collector. These things are solid and very thick. Base cards are numbered to 199 and sell very well on the secondary market. Average players can top 20 bucks with big names selling for far more.

The backs are also nice.
Bonus points for using a different picture, but I wouldn’t expect any less from a product at this price point.

A simple single color relic done well. Numbered to 99. It’s funny but the basic relics seem to be selling for less than the base cards.

Another single color relic to 99 but with a seam in the middle. The next best thing to a patch. Pretty cool looking.

This is the highlight of the box. HOFer and Minnesota Duluth great Brett Hull. It’s a nameplate relic to 15. A Very cool card. I am not sure what letter this is, his name has lots of vertical lines so it’s hard to pin-point this piece. I would guess it’s part of one of the “L”s.

I checked on ebay and saw one of these sold for around $100, making this one of my better pulls all time.


I got two base rookie autos.
These are nice looking cards. I really like the silver accents on the bottom and sides. The silver isn’t embossed; it’s embedded in the card. The surface is smooth all the way across. It gives it a high-end fancy feel. Cowen is probably the better of the two and a nice little get.

There are patch auto rookies of the big dogs but they are tough pulls, they seem to be falling one per case. I would imagine they will be the best and most sought of a given players rookies.

Dominion has a lot of nice cards of old timers. Bernie is a HOFer from the Flyers and one tough dude. Numbered to 50 and on card, what’s not to like.

The coolest thing about this card is the ice-rink look to the surface. Sticking with the connection to the NHL past we have a subset of dominant players from various decades. Big props to Daniel for the nice signature.

The final card is an auto and a 1/1
Many folks don’t consider plates true 1/1, but there is only one of these so that’s a 1/1 in my book. It’s an auto so that’s cool. As with all Panini plate autos it’s a sticker. I am not the biggest printing plate fan, but I do like that it is set on a standard card back and the card is cut to match the rounded edges of the plate. As with the rest of these cards it has real weight and heft.

There you have it, Dominion 2010-11.

I think it’s a nice product and will give The cup a run for it’s money. Panini did a really good job making a set that celebrates hockey past and present. Dare I say they have out cupped the cup.

As a little bonus ball (or puck if you will) Panini has included a redemption for an official Stanley Cup replica for one lucky collector.

I am a fan.



One response to “The High (end) Life…

  1. I may be the only one, but I think Dominion is a better set than the Cup. I think the overall design is cleaner and for the same price point the patches that are coming out of products look better in Dominion. That said, I am still a few years away from even being able to think of dropping that kind of dime on a gamble box of cards. But if I had the money now, I would be buying Dominion.

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