Best time of the Topps year…

Topps is about to drop a bunch of sweet products. Fall is my favorite time of the year for Topps products.
Here is what they have dropping.

I love rookies and prospects so these two sets are up there on my list. I may go as far as to say they are my two favorite baseball releases of the year, even before Topps was the only MLB game in town. Update or traded as it was once called has always been a favorite of mine. The 2005 and 2007 Update sets are two of my favorite sets all time. Granted we have had some busters like ’06 but I still look forward to this set every year.

I would be more excited about DPP if Danny Hultzen had signed but will still pick up a box as per my usual ritual. I must say the picture of Pineda is a little scary.

Topps also has a few new guys hitting the streets.
I am curious to check out the minor league Heritage set. I love the 62 design, so it has that going for it. I also like minor league sets. I have yet to actually pull a Bryce Harper card from a pack so maybe this will be the set.

Tier 1 is a new high end baseball set. I am not the biggest high end guy, I just don’t have the cash. But a nice quality high end baseball set would be cool to see. I just hope this features on-card autos.

If I could pick just one football set for the rest of my life it would be Topps Chrome. It is the perfect place to get my non-auto/relic rookie card fix.

I must admit I don’t get the frenzy over Triple Threads. Some others sets are accused of having lazy designs but I don’t think the design of hits in Triple Threads has ever changed. There have been some cool cards but way to many multi-piece plain jersey cards. I don’t mind plain jersey cards but when it is one of just two hits in a $200 box that is a little hard to swallow.

It’s an exciting time of year with some cool stuff heading our way. What are ya’ll most looking forward to busting?



2 responses to “Best time of the Topps year…

  1. I would have much preferred a “High Numbers” Heritage than the minor league offering. I have completed Heritage this year for the first time, but I will not be going for the minor league stuff.

  2. I honestly can’t keep up. And people are saying there aren’t enough products out there?

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