I love this set, against my better judgement…

Every once and a while a collection of things that shouldn’t work come together to make something great. I’m not saying that’s what this post is about exactly, but it’s at least in the same line of thinking.

When I got back into big time collecting in ’04 the draft class was dominated by big name QBs. I picked up packs and boxes looking for Eli, Ben, Phil and believe it or not a guy named J.P. I landed a few as well as a huge pile of cards. One set I bought pretty heavily was Rookies and Stars. For some reason I thought it was the top of the heap. Give me a break; I was new to the modern card game.

Over the last few years as guys have come from relative obscurity to prominence I have found some diamonds in the rough, or at least a diamond in the 3200ct storage box.

To be fair Willie hasn’t been on top of heap the last few seasons, but this was a monster card for a while.

Design wise I go back to the opening of the post. This card has a mess of stuff. The horizontal lines in the background, the little geometric details around the sides and bottom, the tiny player name, the weird candy cane looking thing in the lower right corner, and then the little maze lines in the background. It shouldn’t work, it’s way too bust, but somehow it does. I really like the way these cards look.

I also like that the set featured guys that didn’t have many cards.

I pulled this guy from the stack back inn’07 and he is still riding high.
This card is awesome. It has Wes in a Chargers uni, on a Dolphins card. To say the colors clash doesn’t do it justice. Wes is a bad ass and this is one of his few rookies.

This guy was pulled from the box when he was traded to the Vikes.
Jared doesn’t have a ton of rookies and this is my favorite.

The card backs are also cool.
I am a huge fan of using team color on card back designs. The layout mirrors what’s going on up front and is nice and bold.

This is a set hated by many but I love IT, both for the look and the collection of players.



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