Holy patch…

Scans have been popping up around the word wide webs of the jumbo patch from the new set Topps Marquee. In his interview last week Chris J. mentioned how great the patch cards in ’09 UD Ultimate collection, and he was dead on. These cards give those a run for there money. I grabbed a couple of scans, check them out.
Damn, look at that thing! It is huge.
Another amazing card.

The patches are obviously amazing and the design is great. I also like the name “Titanic Threads”. They are numbered really low so they must be tough pulls.

There are also regular jersey versions.
Even these are badass.

Both Topps and Panini are really upping their patch game. Panini has increased the number of patches in their products and with these Topps offers up some of the best patch cards ever.



7 responses to “Holy patch…

  1. Kevin, I agree, those Patch inserts are ridiculous. Very cool. However, I disagree on the standard “Titanic Threads” inserts. Most of them are single color and usually white or grey from what I’ve seen. Also, the checklist is as un-“Marquee” as it gets. I got Edwin Encarnacion in my box of Marquee. I was under the assumption that fringe players weren’t going to be part of this “mid-level” product that has a “mid-to-upper level” price. For a hit in such a product, I expect/hope to get more than $1.72 for it on eBay, which I was amazed it sold for that much. The patches I’m sure will sell VERY nicely, the regular /99 jersey swatches, not so much… Topps made it REALLY difficult to get anything close to relative value back on this set, in my opinion.

    • Single color relics have to exist. they can’t all be patches. I would rather see a jumbo piece than a standard size piece any day.

      The reality is more often than not you aren’t going to get the money you spent out of a higher end product on the secondary market.

  2. Kevin, I agree that single color jumbos are preferable to standard size. However, with a great majority of teams having alternate colors, pin stripes or multi-color uniforms available, why not put something other than pure white and plain grey swatches in a higher end product and of players one the fringe of public awareness? I’m sure it can be done, it’s just easier and cheaper for Topps to cut up a plain white jersey of Edwin Encarnacion than buy another Jose Bautista jersey. Also if all this stuff is game used, why are 99% of the swatches bleach white? Players slide, get dirty, get pine tar on their uni’s, yet we rarely see this in the cards. (Industry issue for years there, not just Topps). Anyways, I’m not trying to get picky, just saying it’d be nice to have something other than dull white and grey swatches especially in the jumbo hits of a product marketed as been a step above Topps’ regular product.

    I agree as well, it’s going to be rare to get your full money back on any product, I’m not asking for that, but really, a $1.72 market value for a “hit” in such a pack that someone would pay $50 bucks for? I know we all gamble a bit on product when we buy any box/pack, but for the price Topps wants to charge on this product they needed to rid the checklist of players like Angel Pagan, Encarnacion and other truly fringe players who have little to no collector value. Topps has this idea that just because they throw a jumbo patch in a product, collectors will want it regardless of the player. I’ve seen too many examples of people truly frustrated because they spent $50 on a pack or $200 on a box just to end up with zero in market value, perceived value, book value or even personal value for their collections. But everyone should be happy because a case buster and/or rich collector (or even just a random guy who blows his monthly budget on one pack/box) manages to pull some awesome card that is immediately resold to another rich collector on eBay? I don’t know, I just think Topps could have done better with this product that they themselves put in the “mid-level” niche. The cards are amazing looking, I was overjoyed with my box, but I wouldn’t dare buy more with any expectation of having the same success… In fact, I know the odds are stacked against me…

    • My biggest gripe would be the fact they have sticker autos in a product that runs close to $200 a box.

      The tide is turning towards on-card autos. Just look at the volution of Contenders last season. Over the course of one year it went from the top buys being on card and the rest sticker in football to all on card in hockey.

      • Agreed. A great point. Again, a product at this price point shouldn’t have corners cut and cheaping out on sticker autos is lame. Although there are a huge amount of redemptions for the on-card auto’s… hey, maybe plan things a bit further in advance and get the cards in players hands earlier. No reason to have redemptions for /10 #’d autos, in my humble opinion.

        I do see the same thing you do. People want to know their cards were signed in person, not on some sheets of 1000+ stickers to be used across brands and for years to come.

  3. I agree…even the plain Titanic Threads cards are cool. I pulled several of these (even an auto version), but sadly no patch version from the 3 boxes I opened last week as part of my group break. Nice stuff…just wish the boxes didn’t cost so much!

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