Random cards part 2…

A few more scans of some random cards from the collection.

I have had this card since I was a kid and he has a little place in my collection next to Troy Aikman’s Score rookie and Don Merideth’s old school Fleer rookie. It’s a pretty sweet card of a HOFer. Interesting fact, he served in Vietnam between his college and pro careers.

Pau looking very young and skinny in his pre-beard days.

This card was hanging out in a binder for many years until I noticed who it was and rescued him. It’s a very early card (2002) of the AL MVP in his team USA days.

I wonder how much more this card would be worth if he had hit two more dingers in 2006. I say his greatest moment is easily his appearance on It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia last year.

Miss Patrick looking very serene. Fun fact, this card came from the same pack of 2006 A&G as a Nolan Ryan framed auto.

If Starlin can keep his head in the game when he is in the field he could be scary. Is there a better parallel than a blue refractor?



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