Redemption replacement, mixed feelings…

I have had two experiences with replacements, one from UD and one from Topps. Topps took care of me, UD was OK but in hindsight a little disappointing.

I sent in a redemption for a Dexter McCluster auto to Panini about 9 months ago. I have anxiously watched the updates on their blog about who has signed. I dropped a comment on one asking if what was up with his cards. I got a response from someone in customer services asking me to call. I called the next day. I will say it took me a while to get through, that was disappointing; once I got through it was another story. I spoke to the customer service manager. I asked her if there was any chance of McCluster signing, she advised me to request a replacement. She was very nice. I let them know my favorite team and what I was into card-wise. She told me she would see what she had and I would get an e-mail in a day or so.

A few days later I got my e-mail and a few days after that this guy arrived.

A Toby auto has been on my want list for a while so this was a very welcome get. It’s numbered to 200, less than the card form the original redemption, cool. I wasn’t overly excited about the Dexter card so this is actually better for me in the end.

That said, replacements stink when you go out and pick up a redemption of a player you like. The issue here is the player didn’t sign so I understand why it happened. I like that I got a chance to give some info that was used to pick the replacement. Redemptions and replacements are something no one likes, but at least companies are doing stuff to lessen the burn.



3 responses to “Redemption replacement, mixed feelings…

  1. Is the Panini number readily available on their website? I’ve been waiting since December of late year for a Cheryl Miller autograph that I don’t think will ever come to exist and would love to get a nice Celtics card to add to my collection in its place. I’ve attempted contacting them through their website with no luck at all.

    As far as other companies, Topps has always done a great job on replacements. Upper Deck will do a good job if you keep on top of them. I had to send back my Michael Johnson replacement cards before I got something that was close to an equivalent value.

  2. Thanks. Left a message and I’ll see what comes of it. Those Hall of Fame Basketball boxes were too expensive to have a redemption card sit there for 9 months with nothing to show for it.

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