Panini basebal previews…

Panini released some preview images of their upcoming baseball releases. I am a big Elite Extra Edition fan so I grabbed those to share here.

We get a glimpse of the base and the auto version. If they follow the same format as the past the base will look just like this minus the auto. It’s a variation on the Elite football design. I like the design fine and the addition of the wood grain detail on the bottom pushes it over. I think it’s a solid offering. One big complaint with football Elite is the sideways orientation of the RC. That doesn’t seem to be in play on baseball.

Panini also released a few names they have signed. Included is #2 pick and former UVa Cav pitcher Danny Hultzen. That is enough reason to be excited right there. They also have #1 pick Garret Cole. The top 50 dudes will all be on-card.

They also dropped a preview of a die-cut status parallel.
I like the little swoop in cut on the side and the rounded corners. I am not sure about the little tooth cuts on the sides though. I will need to see one in person to pass final judgment.

EEE and Bowman DPP are my two favorite releases of the year. I like what I am seeing here and will defiantly be busting a box.



2 responses to “Panini basebal previews…

  1. You can defiantly bust these all you want, I’ll be obedient about it. Seriously, though, if the price looks good when they come out, let me know if you’re up for a group break or something–I love EEE too.

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