Seems so long ago…

Who doesn’t remember when 2007 Topps hit the proverbial streets this little guy, or more correctly these three little guys were all the rage.
I know I’m not the only one that made a little cash selling these at their peak knowing they price would eventually drop.

I was at work talking to a friend in another office and somehow this card came up. I sent her a picture and she had the right reaction, about 30 second of solid laughter. This card is a hoot. It’s just so ridiculous I love it.

Anyway, shortly after the fervor settled down another card broke through on the top want list.
A giant lanky pitcher that pitched a good game against the Yankees the previous fall. He was all the rage. This card was selling for over $50.

I was working in Arlington Va at the time and snuck out of work and hit Target to see if they had any blasters. I picked up the last one on the shelf and opened it as I walked out to my car. In one pack was the card above. At the time it was the first time I pulled such a hot card.

Needless to say Andrew has had a similar story to countless others that broke into the card-collecting spotlight.

What a difference a couple of years can make.



2 responses to “Seems so long ago…

  1. I pulled one of these when they came out, made some good money off of it. Some guy was trying to unload it for $45 at a flea market I went to last summer. He went on and on about how unique it was. I told him he should update his prices a bit.

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