I’m calling it…

I have nothing against Kyle Orton, in fact I think he is a pretty decent QB. All that said I think tomorrow will be the day he takes a seat, Quinn gets a seat as well and this guy gets to step in Willie Beamen style.
It’s in vogue to hate on the guy but I like him. He is one of the all time college greats due to his work ethic and drive so it’s only a matter of time.

I am writing this late Saturday night and have it set to drop before game time. I won’t be able to get to a computer until after the game so when I next log on I will either be heralded as a seer or…not.


4 responses to “I’m calling it…

  1. I don’t understand all the hate this guy gets. He was one of the best college football players ever. He has a great attitude on and off the field. I’d love to see him have success in the NFL.

  2. I can’t disagree more. He is an option QB who, if not for his fundamentalist beliefs and the fundamentalists who identify with them and him, would have been a late round draft pick that would be on a practice squad now. His popularity has nothing to do with his skills as an NFL QB and everything to do with his sexist, homophobic, religious extremist views. I know this may not be popular with some people, but Tebow’s views are not popular with me.

    • I don’t agree with many of his views, nor do I care. What I do like is the bulk of people that know him or work with him all say he is a solid worker and great teamate. That is what I like about him. I think his future in the NFL may not be at QB but maybe more a TE spot.

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