Son of a…

I am starting a petition to change NFL games form 4 to 2 quarters. The Vikes dominate the first half then fall apart in epic fashion.
Today’s loss was painful. I was driving home from Richmond listening to updates on XM and figured it was in the bag when they jumped up 20 to zippy. I switched over to the Opie and Anthony replay for the rest of the drive. I got home n time to turn it on and see the Vikes kick a late field goal to tie it up and then lose in over time. What the F!

For a split second it looked like Jared Allen may score a safety in the final seconds, but no dice.

At least number 69 seems to be back to form.
and Rudolph had a nice grab.

0-3 is tough to swallow especially when all three games were winnable.
It’s been a tough year in Minny.


One response to “Son of a…

  1. It’s been hard to watch, they could easily be 3-0.

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