In a word, dominance…

The season is almost over, well for the Twins it is already over. Hell it was over in April, but I will save that for another post. No this post isn’t about the sad state of Minny professional baseball; it’s about the dominance of another Norse league team.

I was checking out Dennis’, aka Too Many Grandersons, blog and it reminded me to pull out some cards to scan and write about this guy.

I am not the biggest pitcher collector. I am not sure why, maybe due to the fleeting nature of many hurlers. I do get excited about a guy that really dominate and bring in the wins. This guy for instance has always been a favorite.
Lefty had 27 wins in 1972, and the Phillies only won 59 total. That is incredible. I have said it before on the blog but if he had some hitters around him imagine the number of wins he could have put together.

Verlander has 24 wins, 3 shy of Lefty but in the age of pitch counts and 5-6 pitchers per team in the box score that is damn impressive. He also owns the top spot in just about every starting pitcher category. A shoe-in for Cy Young and maybe a stab at MVP.

Justin has a mess of nice affordable rookies. He is part of one of the best rookie years ever, 2005. His cards are starting to jump big time. His plain old Topps base rookie up there is selling on ebay for around $5. Almost unheard of in the auto/relic/refractor era. If he can lead the Tigers to a WS they could jump even more.

I have a handful of his RCs, no autos though. Here are a few of my favorites.
There is something about the classis Tigers uni that looks great on these retro cards.
I bought a ton of ’05 Donruss Champions from a card shop in Northern Va that had them for 50 bucks a pop. For some reason I really like the set and this guy is easily the best rookie of the lot.

I have liked Verlander since the New Era cap commercial in ’08 staring AL MVP Justin Morneau. He stole the show. I remember reading somewhere that Morneau and Verlander are buddies. if I remember correctly Morneau even bought Verlander an I-phone before a game once.

Fun fact, I drove through Justin hometown yesterday on my way back form Richmond.



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