No school like middle school…

A random assortment of scans from the middle ages of card collecting aka the early ’90s.

The Andre Ware card reminded me of this
He was a good QB for a stretch there. He will probably be most famous for who came after him. I need a Wally Pip card to put next to Donny boy here.

Ahhh the good old days, when we all said things like, “at least they can’t get any worse”. Fun fact: Pooh was the Wolves first draft pick ever.

Look at Jordan trying to guard the Lebanese beast that is Rony Seikaly, good luck brother.

Zeile was a big prospect in the day. Fun fact: He played for 11 teams including two stints with the Mets.

I always thought Maas looked like he was in a Mets uniform in this picture.

I have this entire set in pages in a binder, it’s been there for 20 years. I am too lazy to take them out and put them back in their little box.

I always liked this card for some reason. It’s not a particularly well designed card but I just like it. Maybe it’s how unimpressed the people in the stands look.


2 responses to “No school like middle school…

  1. I’ve always thought the exact same thing about that Maas card.

  2. The reason why the fans in the Gretzky card are un-enthused is because the game hadn’t started yet. Gretzky was skating around and coming up the side boards, stretching his arms and back out before game time.

    Just kidding. Actually it was because they were in Winnipeg. No one wants to be on the receiving end of a Great One goal.

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