One (value) pack review…

I was at Target doing a little early X-mas shopping for the kids and happened upon the card aisle. There were a handful of pack-searched Obak football, the same stack of Topps Rising Rookies that have been there for months (did anyone buy that stuff?) and some blasters. Above them all hung a couple of 2011 Topps chrome baseball value packs.

I grabbed one and tossed in the cart with some legos and a barbie and headed for the check out.

When I got home and started to bust them open I was pleased to see the card were flat! This year’s design looks really nice in chrome.
This was the only base card of note. Topps must have got the message on last years…issues. In the past chrome has had a problem with the photo matching up with the chrome, giving that ghost effect around the edges. that appears to be a thing of the past. These cards were all perfect. Not a miss-cut, crimped edge or bend to be found. They really look good.

I got two parallels.
Evan still seems like a big get, like it’s 2008 all over again.
This card looks great but it still pains me to see any Twins card. This season can’t be over soon enough.

The 3-card bonus pack of orange refractors is back.
I like the bonus pack concept but i am not a big fan of the orange. I feel like I should take caution around them. I prefer the green xfractors from last year Bowman.

I like Topps chrome but don’t buy much of it. I will pick up a Revere auto on ebay though.



2 responses to “One (value) pack review…

  1. I agree with you. This year’s design looks excellent in chrome. I think the orange refractors only look good w/ certain teams…like the Mets. They ought to do team colored refractors…those I would buy.

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