Last night Johnny Damon smacked his 2,721st hit, tying Lou Gehrig.
I had no idea Damon had so many career hits?

I knew Damon was a good player, but he could be pushing into Cooperstown territory here, if he can eke out a few more seasons he may reach 3,000. Can a guy be a HOFer after only being an all star twice?


5 responses to “Really?

  1. That’s a good question. Yes, a guy can be a hall-of-famer with two all-star games. Good players get snubbed all the time. I don’t think Damon is that guy. It’s not the hall-of-very-good.
    Alan Trammell was in 6 All Star games, owns a World Series MVP, and can’t get a sniff at Cooperstown. Although I think Trammell deserves entry into the hall, he is considered very-good… like Damon.

  2. The short answer….yes. All-star games aren’t really a good way to judge whether a person’s a hall of famer or not.

    Here;s some HOFers with very few appearances for those that played all or part of their prime in the all-star era (post-1933). Also, there were two all-star games from 1959-1962, making nearly everyone an all-star.

    Bert Blyleven-2
    Ferguson Jenkins-3
    Robin Yount-3
    Lloyd Waner-1
    Don Sutton-4
    Tony Lazzeri-1
    Chuck Klein-2
    Hank Greenberg-4
    Ted Lyons-1

    Anyway, I agree that Damon’s not a HOFer, but the all-star game appearances aren’t the reason.

  3. I wasn’t implying all star apperances equal a call from the HOF. It was more to demonstarte that while Damon has been a good player he was rarely during his career considered great or dominate.

    I think his role in the Red Sox WS in ’04 will play some on the votes he recives.

  4. Oh, ok……

    I agree completely with your comment. He’ll probably get less than 5% the first time around even with the ’04 remembrance support.

    But wasn’t it surprising to see that Yount and Jenkins had so few ASG appearances?

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