What will it be this year…

I just posted a preview image of this years Heritage. It got me thinking, the last few years Topps has included SPs based on historical errors and anomalies in the original release. Last year it was different tints, the year before it was players with the wrong team. I think it was 2009 that had misspelled names.

Does anyone know what weird quirks there were in the original 1963 set? Any predictions on what it will be for the 2012 set?

If someone guesses correctly I will send them something.



4 responses to “What will it be this year…

  1. The only variations I was aware of in this set was some color variations on the checklists and some cards, some errors on 1962 vs 1963 making it on the card and the “copyright” being centered or right justified. Anyways, don’t know if any of those will be big enough to be considered variants to be used in the set… who knows…

  2. I bet they do something with the wrong player in the little circle photo, i.e. Hank Aaron and Willie Mays.

  3. I know there are cropping differences on some of the photos, but everything I’ve seen makes these variations minor.

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