Chrome through the ages…

Bowman Chrome will be upon very soon. With it comes one of the greatest sets of all time, and easily the greatest rookie card set ever: The Chrome prospect auto. This year will mark the 10 year anniversary of the first release back in 2001.

The greatest card of the post modern age, the 2001 Bowman Chrome Pujols auto ushered in what has become the key card of just about every baseball player to enter the fray since. Here is a little walk down memory lane.

What better place to being than the undisputed champ. This card ushered in a new age. I don’t think there is a collector out there that wouldn’t love to add this to their collection. Sadly this isn’t my card.

I almost used the Mauer here but I couldn’t bring myself to look at anything Twins related right now.

These both come from my collection. I know I said nothing Twins related but Young is now playing for the AL Central champion Tigers and I would suspect Kubel won’t be a Twin by the time Spring rolls around.

Black cards are always condition sensative, but for some reason ’04 chrome seemed even more sensative than normal.

’05 Bowman may have the best collection of rookies since ’85. Sadly I don’t have any of those guys.

I believe ’06 is the only year that refractors had a white/silver border in contrast to the basic black.

I bought a ton of ’07 Bowman DPP. I have a stack of chrome auto RCs from this year. Unfortunately none of them are any good, except Revere. Bowman also mixed it up and went with white borders for prospect cards.

The ’08 Roundy design really sticks out compared to the squarish designs of most of these cards. ’08 is also the year I finally hit it big pulling the Posey refractor auto.

’09 was a great year for me ‘fractor wise. Every chrome auto I pulled was some form of ‘fractor. An orange, a blue and a regular refractor and an xfractor. This is the most basic design of the group, but I like it.

Last year’s may seem a little pedestrian but is one of my favroite designs. It reminds me of ’02 chrome.

A very different design than the last few years, if anything it may be a little busy.

Bowman Chrome auto rookies are one of the all time great series of cards. The fact they are all on-card really pushes them over. When it comes to auto RCs everything else is only a distant second.



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