Trouble in Paradise…

The ESPN world was all excited about Tony Romo playing with busted ribs. The heroic show of leadership and intestinal fortitude, blah blah blah…

Here is my question, how little confidence in their back-ups does Dallas have that they let their star QB play all busted up?

Dallas has ok back-ups in Kitna and McGee.

Neither is great, but good enough to cover a game here and there. In fact I think McGee has some real potential as a starting QB. Why carry back ups if you aren’t going to use them?

By putting Romo in they did two things:
Risked more serious injury to their star early in the season
Showed a lack of confidence in your back-ups

I don’t like the Cowboys, they have way too much swagger for a team so far removed from their last Super bowl appearance.

By the way, I know everyone is jealous of my sweet PSA 9 third year Kitna card up there. Just so everyone knows it aint up for trade. You hold on to a card of that quality.



One response to “Trouble in Paradise…

  1. Good calls there, but I also think it shoes confidence in Romo. And like him or not, he did some nice things in Monday’s game despite some shoddy play from the rest of his team. Especially nice was that terrible snap that went back like 15-20 yards where he somehow got a completion for a few positive yards out of it. Kitna wasn’t gonna make that play.

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