Goodbye LCS…

Yesterday I made a trip to my LCS, well two LCSs to be correct. Here in C-ville there are two card shop in town and they are in back to back shopping centers. It’s kinda funny how close they are. Anyway. I needed some 120 pt top loaders so I swung by the first shop. It is the more old school of the two. It tends to have an older, 50+, crowd. They didn’t have the top loaders I needed but I took a peak, thought maybe I would pick up a pack or something.

I looked at their singles. I know it’s hard for a brick and mortar store to compete with ebay, but it wasn’t even close. They had a Duece McCalister chrome refractor rookie for $75. A pack of Pro Debut was $5, a Box was close to $100. A pack of 2008 Contenders football was $9.

The guys that work there are really nice and the owner is also great. I would love to help support their business but I don’t have cash falling out of my pockets. I can’t justify paying more, in many cases a lot more, for cards and wax from their shop.

I stopped by the other shop and they seem to be doing better. They do a ton of ebay business, they have diversified their operation and it seems to have helped them keep costs in the shop lower. I didn’t do a card by card comparison but singles seemed more reasonable. Wax prices were about the same.

It has been discussed a million times on the interwebs but the LCS is on it’s way out. It was kind of depressing today.

I did get my toploaders though.



2 responses to “Goodbye LCS…

  1. Kev, let me know the next time you’re travelling, and I’ll show you a few real LCS’s…

  2. Don’t worry, Panini has a plan!

    My LCS has survived with Internet sales and having a shop full of kids playing Yu-Gi-Oh! all the time.

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