What the heck happened…

I went to bad last night in a world where it looked like the Red Sox were headed to the post season. Tampa was getting creamed by the Yankees, Boston had a one run lead and was in a rain delay.

I woke up in the middle of the night to give my daughter a bottle and took a peek at the compter and see the Rays celebrating. The last few weeks of the season were a little ho-hom penate race wise but the last few days were crazy.

Congrats to the Rays, and I am glad the Sox went home. I have nothing against any of the players on the team, I just don’t like the city of Boston.



3 responses to “What the heck happened…

  1. Man, I can’t believe you went to sleep. Epic games all across the channels…I was rooting Braves and Red Sox so they were sad but the Rays pulled off one hell of a comeback so I’m not even mad. Baseball at its finest last night.

  2. I wonder if the Yankees let the Rays comeback? Would be a nice little “see ya next year” to the Red Sox. Probably not, but who knows, those two teams hate each other so much. haha

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