Where are you Upper Deck…

I was looking through one of my football binders and came across my 2008 Upper Deck Star Rookie cards. It really reminded me how great UD could be when they got it right.

How great did these cards look. Full bleed photos at their best, a simple design that doesn’t get in the way of the photo. The colors are crisp and really pop. Sure the photos are kinda cheesy, but they work.

Such a bad-ass set.



5 responses to “Where are you Upper Deck…

  1. You are correct–this was a great looking set, something that Topps couldn’t dream of approaching in terms of quality right now. I don’t know if you’re looking for more, but I think I have a bunch of doubles of these if you are.

  2. I miss rookie cards with photo’s of players playing in a real game. Enough with the photo shoot, the photo’s look like crap. I don’t even care if it’s preseason photo’s, it’s a game. I’d wait the extra months to buy products so they can do this. JMT

  3. I suppose we all have our photo preferences. Mine happens to be draft day photos, particularly the moment the draft selection is handed his team jersey.

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