The Cup, Panini style…

A few days before Dominion hit the streets Panini revealed on their blog that a redemption for an authentic Stanley Cup replica given to the 1979 Habs, that years cup winners, was being inserted in the product.

Some dude in Michigan pulled it and put it up on ebay. Well it just sold.

I would have guessed it would have gone for a little more, but still payed for the box and then some.

It was a cool enough promotion, but in general redemptions for mem never seems to get all that much heat. I remember a few years ago Topps inserted a redemption for a bat signed by a mess of young stars. It also sold on ebay for less than I would have guessed and with almost no heat. It makes sense though. Personally as a collector I want cards, not mem. That’s why I disagree with the arguments from some collectors that instead of cutting up bats and jerseys to use in relic cards, or cutting sigs out of documents for cuts they should offer redemptions for the entire untouched piece. What am I gonna do with a bat or a historic letter or whatever. Hell I have a hard enough time figuring out how to store a booklet card.


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