It is a nice park and all, but…

This past weekend I received an e-mail sent to all Twins fans that registered through their site. It was titled, “We will Rally”. I sure hope so.

I like that the Twins acknowledged that the season was a disappointment (that is the nicest way I could think to say that). I also understand why they also mentioned some of the good things that did happen this year. Lirriano’s no-hitter and Revere’s over the shoulder catch were the two I will remember most fondly. They did mention Thome’s 600th homerun, a huge accomplishment, but not really a Twins thing. The final was perhaps the biggest, Burt Blyleven’s induction into the Hall of Fame. Photobucket
That is truly a Twins accomplishment.

That brings me to a slight stray from the Twins topic. I wish someone had an ongoing/living set for HOFers, like UD had for members of the 500 HR club.
Start off by making a nice set of all HOFers, then each year when new guys are elected insert new cards for that set in Topps Update or something. I think that would be awesome. I know I would go out of my way to pick up all the Twins from a set like that.

Ok back to my rant.

The accomplishments are good, and worthy of note. What irked me was the final paragraph. They went on to say, and I am paraphrasing here, that even though the team blew at least they have a nice stadium.

I hate that sentiment. I would take a WS in the old Dome over a last place finish in the nicest stadium in the universe. I am a fan of the Twins because I love baseball. When I go to a game I sit and watch the game. Sure a nice stadium is a bonus but doesn’t make up for crap on the field. The Twins don’t want to become Pittsburgh. The Pirates have what I would say is the best park in baseball. It is beautiful with an amazing view of the city and river past the right field wall. There are no bad seats and it is easy to get a round. But they still never sell out. I would imagine even the most hardcore Pirate fans get depressed watching them lose year after year, even though they are watching it in the best park out there.

Of course the Twins organization has to stay positive in an e-mail to the fans. I get it, I am just bummed. I love the Twins and hate to see them fall so far so fast.

I have said many times this team has an identity crisis and needs to figure out who they are. I just hope it isn’t the sh#ty team with the nice park.



7 responses to “It is a nice park and all, but…

  1. I feel your pain. The Reds this year stunk, plain and simple. They shouldn’t have, because they have an immense amount of talent. But they didn’t play to their potential. Great ballpark, too. But when you have a manager that insists on bringing in relievers that can’t hold a lead…well, what can you do?

    I was rooting for a Twins-Reds World Series in 2010…maybe we’ll see that in 2012?

  2. Oh man, the more you bring up the Twins, the more I realize how upset I still am about this season. I thought maybe the Vikings would cure some of the pain, nope, made it worse. Good thing the Wild and Stars seasons start this weekend!

  3. Geez, no Lynx love anywhere??

    This season’s a write-off; let it go. The team you saw was not the Twins. Folks’ll get healthy, deadwood set adrift, and the ship will be righted. And thank God I’ve cleared the Vikings from my system long ago.

  4. I have to think the message about the stadium might have been there to imply that, hey, the Twins may not have been an awesome team this year, but wouldn’t you rather see them have such a bad season here than in the dome? Which I kind of agree with – if they’re going to have an off year it’s better to do it somewhere the spectators can enjoy.

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