Post season card watch…

So far this guy seems to be the darling of the post season.
He schooled the Rangers on Friday and his cards have gone sky-high, especially his autos. I was lucky enough to pull one a few years back.
I would be willing to trade for the right offer.

In New York the weather put a damper on the big Verlander vs. C.C. showdown. One guy did come out of game one riding pretty high though.
Cano had a monster game. He went 3 for 5 and drove in two-thirds of the Yanks 9 runs. The last few games he cooled a bit. Over the last few years Robbie has been the top dog in NY. He has solid hobby rep but I honestly don’t think he has the rep he deserves. If he can lead them to another WS his lone auto rookie up there could jump into the stratosphere.

The old man also had a good game one and is looking like Jeter of old tonight.

Delmon had a decent game one for the Tigers and a big hit tonight.
As much as it pains me I wouldn’t mind seeing the former Twin have a nice go this post season.

I haven’t been paying much attention to the NL, because frankly i don’t care. One guy has been killing it.
If Braun helps the Brewers make a run he can finally push up into the tippy-top tier in the hobby.

I am hoping for Yanks vs. Brewers series. My dad and wife are both New Yorkers so I don’t mind seeing the bad guys win another.

OK I have to mention Verlander, he just threw 101mph in the 8th!


3 responses to “Post season card watch…

  1. A World Series that doesn’t include the Yankees or Phillies would be the best thing for baseball, and for Tigers fans like me!

    • MLB and Fox Sports wish they could have a Yankees vs Yankees series

      • If New York loses tonight, I’m not so sure Fox and the Yankees won’t buy the four AL/NLCS teams, replace all the players with those in the Yankees system, then declare New York the 2011 champions. Then Fox will cancel the Simpsons and Family Guy, plus they’ll renew Firefly and cancel it again. The Yankees and Fox are the most evil members of their respective industries and deserve each other…

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