What the heck is this…

This has popped up around the blog-o-verse the last day or so.

What the hell is this? What is the relic? Maybe it’s part of his snake-skin lasso?

I compare all gimmicks against the worst/best gimmick all time, the Rip Master auto. This is about 81% Rip Master bad.



6 responses to “What the heck is this…

  1. Hahaha…the Rip Master was so terrible!

    Also, you’re on fire lately with the posts, keep it up!

  2. Maybe it’s dried out tobacco juice!

  3. Cards like this are like a slap in the collectors’ face. “No matter what we put in our products, collectible or not (authentic or not), you will continue buying our products. Enjoy this . . . whatever this is, because we will surely enjoy the money you wasted.”

  4. There are some nice cards in TTT, but I would never buy it. The price plus some of the crap in there is a major downer. Not to mention a lot of their stuff just looks awful.

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