What the heck part 2…

Last night I posted the picture of the Pecos Bill card from Topps Triple Threads. It is part of a three card set of Pecos Bill, John Henry and Leif Erickson. Leif hasn’t popped up yet but this has.
It’s currently on ebay with a BIN of almost a $1000.

A few things.

I think this card looks a lot nicer. The picture of Pecos Bill is weird. He almost looks like a Zombie or something. I find it disconcerting for some reason. John Henry looks good. It is a solid image of the legendary figure.

I think Topps missed the obvious with John Henry’s relic pieces. They should have been wood, like the handle of his hammer. The window even says hammer.

John Henry is kind of a sad topic for a card. At its core his tale is about man being overtaken by machine. He beats the steam powered hammer but collapses and dies. He won but ultimately the steal driving man’s days were over. I always saw him as a tragic figure more than a hero.

Anyway. The strangest thing about this set of cards is the inclusion of Leif Erickson. For those that don’t remember from school he was the first European to set foot on what is now North America. A very different figure from the other two mainly because he is a real. But also they are American folk legends and he is a legendary explorer with a connection to the “New World”, but not really the USA. I would have gone with Johnny Appleseed with relic pieces from the pot he wore on his head.



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