da da da da da da da da, Batman cards, Batman cards…

I was scanning around ebay and saw a card that caught my eye. It appealed to both the card collector and Batman fan in me.
What an awesome image of Batman, and what great composition of the card overall. This is a nice looking card.

The painting of Batman is top notch, just look at the eyes staring out right into your soul. It is very Dark Nightie. Speaking of which, I bought my wife a dark nightie once…never mind this is a family site.

The orangeish yellow background really pushes the image out and makes it pop. You have to love an artist that understand complementary colors. I also like the little Batman logo title up top. “Grim Realization”, he must have drafted Peyton Manning in his fantasy draft.

I was a big comic book fan for many years and have a huge collection of Batman action figures put away in storage. I was always a much bigger fan of the ’90s black and gray outfit, the ’60s blue outfit reminds me too much of Adam West. All that said this may be the coolest Batman card I have ever seen. I picked this guy up for under $5, a pretty good deal if you ask me.

I also picked up this guy.
This is cool for the camp factor and the iconic “POW!”. It is also another well-done painting. I love the look on the perps face as he gets his clock cleaned by the Caped one. Look at Batman’s face, I love the casual joy as he decks this dude. I am not sure why Robin is so stressed looking as he tries to catch the little book. I mean what’s gonna happen if it hits the floor? It’s a book not a Ming vase.

National Periodical Publication made these cards in 1966. There are a mess of them so I may have to pick up a few more.


4 responses to “da da da da da da da da, Batman cards, Batman cards…

  1. Love the Bat!! Have you read the new Batman from DC’s “new 52”?

  2. Who made these, I thought it was Topps?

    Anyway there was rumor going around in 66 that Batman and Robin were Television first…….

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