Yankee hate free zone…

Last night the Yanks killed the Tigers to pull the series even as they head back to the Bronx. The Bronx aint an easy place to win and J-Lo is from there, the block to be specific.

I don’t have any Yankee hate. I should say any over arching hate. I do have a slight chip due to their role in the early departure from the playoffs of my Twins over the last several years. My wife and Dad are New Yorkers and big Yankee fans. I don’t get caught up in the evil empire stuff either, for three reasons.

First off, It is true they have the largest payroll. They also have the biggest fan base, so the most money. But there are plenty of other teams that follow the buy a team model the Yanks are accused of creating. The Cubs, Mets, Red Sox, and Angels have all gone out and spent big cash on big name players.

Second, the Yanks do spend money on big players, but to say they buy championships isn’t true because they haven’t won all that many recently. They spend big bucks since 2001 and have on WS win to show for it. Ya can’t claim they create an unfair advantage when they haven’t dominated as a result of their deep pockets.

Third and finally, if you look at their big time players, the guys that really are the clutch dudes that have played big roles in their titles over the last 15-16 years most are home grown. Jeter, Rivera, Robbie Cano (I would argue he is their top guy these days), Posada, and a mess of young pitchers that helped various runs such as Joba, Phil Hughes and recently Ivan Nova.

On the Yankee tip we also got a peak of this card dropping in Topps Update.
Jeter hitting 3,000 was a big moment. Jeter is better known for his role in winning championships but this is a nice reminder he put up some massive personal numbers.

I really like the look of the card. The blue of his uni with the blue on the bottom merge with the blue from the dugout in the background. I guess what I am trying to say is it has lots of blue.

We will see who wins tomorrow night. I have no hate for the Tigers and wouldn’t mind seeing them make a run, but deep down I am pulling for the Yanks. I kinda have too because my wife gets mad if I don’t. I would like to see Dennis from Too Many Grandersons watch his boys win one, but my wife does have the dark knightie, and even if Dennis has one too, I don’t really want to know about it.



7 responses to “Yankee hate free zone…

  1. It’s not even hate so much as being sick of the team, sick of hearing about them and sick of their obnoxious fans. The Yankees and their fans (and of course ESPN) act like they’re the only team that has ever won or will win anything. You’re right that in general the “buying championships” meme doesn’t apply so much anymore, though. It sure did back in the day when KC was their farm team, though…

    • I hear you. I would have to say Boston is as bad anymore.

      • No argument here, and that last issue of ESPN the Mag didn’t do them any favors. They’re just slightly less annoying because they haven’t won as many championships to brag about. They’re certainly fine being pretty generous with their money, though.

  2. yet no one mentioned Philadelphia

  3. Boston is as bad now…but we weren’t always. AND the Yankees set the precedent.

    Ergo, fuck the Yankees.

  4. Watch the language mister potty mouth, this is a family site.

  5. Well written Kevin, Go Yankees!

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