Another missed opportunity by Topps…

I have been staring at this card for a while.
Something about it doesn’t sit right with me. I don’t like the way it looks but I find myself going back to it over and over again.

Finally it hit me.

A few slight changes and this could be a truly awesome card.
Keep the same guy, same look on his face and posture. Drop the hat and guns, put a little gory makeup on him some fake blood, and rip his shirt a little bit. Keep the same relic but change the die-cut window to read ‘BRAINS”.


Zombie card.



2 responses to “Another missed opportunity by Topps…

  1. Sweet Mother of GOD that is a frickin awesome idea! I love that concept! Gotta get Bad Wax to make one!

  2. They could do a movie slashers set, that would be epic.

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