Are you ready for some…Hockey…

The NHL season starts tonight, and even though most collectors don’t give a puck (see what I did there) I am excited.

Will this be the year Ovechkin and the Caps finally keep it together and make a serious run for the Cup?
It will be interesting to see how the Penguins do without big Sid.

I am excited to watch Young Jeff Skinner and the ‘Canes. They finished strong last year so hopefully they keep it going. I also hope PK can continue to piss off Don Cherry.

Up in the Great White North (take off eh’) the Oilers should have a good season. They have the last two #1 picks in Hall and Nugent-Hopkins.

I will be watching the Penguins Canucks game tonight on versus.

In honor of the puck dropping tonight here are a few random hockey cards from the ol’ collection.
What a big deal the OPC Premiere Federov was when it was released. Martin Brodeur wasn’t as big a deal at the time but is now one of the best cards from the early ’90s.
I loved watching Oates when he played with the Caps back in the late ’90s, he was a passing machine. Sakic was and still is the man.



One response to “Are you ready for some…Hockey…

  1. Yeaaah Hockey! Go Thrashers! Woooooooo!


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