Minor League Heritage review…

I finally pulled one.
My first pack pulled Bryce Harper. Sure it’s in vogue to claim he is all hype and overrated, blah blah blah. Truth is he had solid season in the minors and has amazing potential at the plate. It pictures him with the Harrisburg Senators; I hope he gets a card once he makes it to the Potomac Nationals. Before we had the Nationals in DC my wife and I used to go to Potomac games back when they were called the Canons.

The 1962 design is really cool. Something about it lends it’s self to minor leaguers.

I got my box on ebay for less than $40 so I figured it was worth a go.

I got my two promised autos.
A little underwhelming player wise. At the risk of sounding cliché I wish these were on-card. It would really push them over the top.

You also get a relic.
Pretty cool. I really like minor league/prospect relics.

Similar to the regular Heritage they have tinted parallel cards. The green and blue are OK, but the red, well see for yourself.
It’s a little much. I would go as far as to call these washed versus tinted. They are numbered, so I am sure they will be moderately popular. Folks love numbered cards.

I got a good number of Twins guys, so that was cool. Man I have been posting about the Twins a lot lately.
Aaron Hicks doesn’t have very many cards; he is one of the ’08 draft picks that signed with Razor so he has yet to get the Bowman prospect treatment. He has struggled a bit in the minors but I still have hope. Sano looks cool in his red Twins jersey. I am a fan of both cards. I like that Topps gave the photos a little work-over to look a little older to go with the Heritage look.

I also got a black border numbered to 62.

Overall these are good looking cards. The box was pretty fun to break. Honestly though I think i prefer the regular Pro-Debut box to this one.

It’s hobby only, so no blasters, but a hobby box for the price of two blasters is a hard to pass up.



4 responses to “Minor League Heritage review…

  1. Unfortunately, I don’t think Bryce will ever see the field for the Potomac Nats. They are their High-A farm team, so that should’ve been the next stop after Hagerstown. However, rumor had it that their field is in poor condition and they didn’t want to risk Bryce getting hurt playing they. I expect him to start next season at Harrisburg and if he continues playing well, promoted to Syracuse before showing up in Washington.

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  3. Aaron Hicks will have an auto in 2011 Bowman Chrome.

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