A&G factory set…

Topps is selling a special factory set of ’11 Allen and Ginter.
I have always been a fan of factory sets so it’s nice to see Topps expanding into things other than the base Topps set. The box looks cool.

It will run you about $100, a little high for a complete A&G set but also get ten bonus cards exclusive to the set.

· AGS1 Eric Hosmer
· AGS2 Dustin Ackley
· AGS3 Mike Moustakas
· AGS4 Dee Gordon
· AGS5 Anthony Rizzo
· AGS6 Charlie Blackmon
· AGS7 Brandon Crawford
· AGS8 Juan Nicasio
· AGS9 Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge The Royal Wedding
· AGS10 U. S. Navy SEALs

I would imagine the Royal Wedding card will command a pretty penny on the secondary market.

The set is limited to just 999 sets. I don’t think I will be picking one up, but I do like that Topps put this together.



7 responses to “A&G factory set…

  1. Aaaaaaand I never have to buy another pack of Allen & Ginter as long as I live. Thanks Topps!

  2. mjbuchanan80Mike

    Have to totally disagree with you on this. A & G was designed to be a tribute for set collectors to put together. Selling a glossy factory set with serial #ing goes completely against what A & G is supposed to be. This is just another gimmick to make money.

    • “This is just another gimmick to make money”, what other reason does a company exist?

      Also what are you really disagreeing with, I simply said I like factory sets meaning I like this set. Are you disagreeing with the fact I like factory sets?

  3. mjbuchanan80Mike

    Your post indicates you like that they are putting this particular set together.

    Topps can make money until the cows come home for all I care. I’m a capitalist pig at heart. I call it a gimmick because they first released the set in 2006 as a tribute to the 19th century set and then continued to do that in 2007-present. They then went against everything the set is supposed to be – what they meant it to be – and glossified it. It’s a sell out for the all-might dollar.

    • I like they are putting it together because I like factory sets, that is not a point up for debate.

      I agree that A&G is a set that was meant as a tribute to the original, but to say a factory set goes against what it was supposed to be I don’t agree. Allen and Ginter has become such a hodgepodge of things that it’s hard to point at something and say it is or isn’t true to the set. It’s had cards signed by dogs, cards run over by a monster truck, giant relics, cards signed by mosters, pieces of presidential hair and on and on. I can’t imagine a factory set is outside the realm of what is a reasonable step for Topps.

  4. OMG, let’s stop Series I and Series II factory sets too!!!

    Give me a break. I like they are putting this out and limiting it’s release.

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