Jersey pride…

I know I am in the minority here but I appreciate a nice simple non-auto relic card.

Sure an auto is awesome but that doesn’t mean a relic can’t be. Panini released some picture of a relic set that I think looks pretty sweet.

I mentioned in my review of last years Plates and Patches that I like a round relic window on my relic cards. These cards highlight that with some good-looking detail and embellishment done in red/maroon chrome around the window. It’s a simple design and not overdone, it’s got class. I also like that it doesn’t appear to be one of those cards that is obviously designed to have an auto version. These appear to be all patch cards. It isn’t marked prime leading me to believe it doesn’t need to be since this is the only version.


I would love to add some of these to my collection when they drop.



One response to “Jersey pride…

  1. I totally agree. Autos are neat, sure, but a well done relic card with a nice swatch to it definitely makes my day.

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