Bring these back part 3…

Back in 2001 I was at a local card shop in Northern va with my dad. I wasn’t really collecting in any meaningful way at the time but was always up to head to the local shop with my dad. The shop owner, a nice guy that sadly passed away a few years, ago was showing us all the newest stuff. On the shelf were a couple of boxes of Topps Reserve. For those that don’t remember a box gave you a handful of packs of some pretty nice cards and the star of the show was a certified autographed baseball.
I remember when we left the owner told us to let him know if we pulled a Pujols ball. Sure enough we got back to my parents house and my dad busted open his box and there it was, a Pujols signed ball.

I wish Topps had continued with this concept. A box of cards with a ball signed by one of the rookie class is a great concept. Who doesn’t love a nice signed baseball? I will go as far as to say a baseball is the single greatest item to get autographed in the known universe.

Changing gears, or ball shape to be more correct.

The refractor is the greatest parallel of all time. Period. Topps has tried a few various ‘frators to go along with the refractor. Two years ago they hit upon something awesome.
The pigskin-fractor. It was too perfect.

I was very surprised last year when the pigskin-fractor didn’t make a return. Maybe it was too ahead of its time. It was a fun parallel that was true to the sport.



One response to “Bring these back part 3…

  1. I remember getting a box of Bowman Reserve football for xmas. Instead of a baseball, you would get a signed mini helmet. I landed a Brian Urlacher, and I was pretty stoked. Unfortunately, about 4 years later I had to sell it to buy some books for college.

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