‘fractor love, what is your favorite?

The Bring these back post about the pigskin-fractor got me thinking about what is the best ‘fractor.
So ere it is, the definitive vote on the best of the ‘fractors. Here are a few examples to help make your decision.



I am partial to the blue refractors myself.



4 responses to “‘fractor love, what is your favorite?

  1. As a Rockies fan, I am partial to the purple refractors. Although I do understand why most people don’t like them.

  2. As far as the ‘fractors in Topps Chrome go, I would vote for the good old fashioned regular ‘fractor.

    However, I voted for Other only because the Pigskin Refractor is the greatest ‘fractor ever. I usually only collect Topps Chrome, but in 2009 I started chasing the Pigskins after seeing some at the LCS. I wish they would would bring them back in Finest and add them to Chrome.

  3. Dodger blue. Blue refractors. End of story.

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