I called it, kinda…

Yesterday Tim Tebow stepped in and put together a nice little show.
It looks like my prediction was a few weeks early.

He tossed a TD pass and ran one in himself. He was 4/10, not great but amassed 79 passing yards in two quarters. He also ran for 38. The Broncos lost but Tebow kept them in it.

I wonder if ESPN will make a big deal out of it?



5 responses to “I called it, kinda…

  1. As much as I think he’s overrated and overhyped, I’m glad he’s getting a chance to start. This way the whole thing can be put to rest finally.

  2. “amassed 79 passing yards in two quarters.”

    Umm. Yeah. Good quarterbacks get that on one drive. Methinks “amassed” is the wrong word. How about “scrounged?”

  3. Well, I can’t easily show 79 yards on one drive, which you’re right, that is better than good, but still easily possible on game winning drives.

    However, if 79 yards in two quarters is prorated out to say 158 yards per game, that puts Tebow 33rd in the league, between the likes of Kerry Collins and Blaine Gabbert. Who? Exactly.

    Anyways, I still think “amassed” is the wrong word. That was my original, obviously nit-picking point, right?

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