The secret to my success, by the Detroit Lions…

So the Lions are now 5-0. The fives wins gives them one more win than 2008 and 2009 combined. Crazy. From the laughing stock to a legit contender in just a few years is an amazing story.

Much of the credit and hype surrounding this team centers around this guys.
Stafford has proved to be one of the elite QBs in the league. His card prices are surging, pushing him to the top of the great 2009 class of cards. This guy also has some hype.
His road was a little bumpier. He was there for the 0-16 season and at one time was considered a bit of a bust. He also had to keep looking over his shoulder on the look out for Starscream.

Card wise Calvin has taken off, he is a strong number two of his rookie year. Number one is AP so in his case second is pretty darn good.

These guys have become the leagues number one tandem. No doubt they are a huge piece of the Lions success.

I think the true key to their success lives on the other side of the ball. It’s the man with the little last name and giant first name.
This guy is a beast. His intensity and ferocity would impress the most die-hard Steelers or Ravens fan. He received his first fine before he ever played a regular season game.

His coolness goes well beyond his defensive prowess.

For starters he was born and raised in Portland Oregon. A very cool city, as comedy genius Ron Bennington put it, it’s a city where it is always the 1990s.

Suh is also a heck of a soccer player and used his skill to try and kick an extra point last season. Yup the big DT is the Lions backup pace kicker.

Finally Suh is one of the rare players in the NFL that received a degree from his college years.

Suh’s popularity and hobby swagger is high for a DT. His RC autos sell well above any other defensive player and higher than many skilled position guys.



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