Bowman Chrome win…

Check out what’s in store for 2011 Bowman chrome.
2001 throwback prospects cards. Throwbacks have been done to the point of tedium but I like the look of these cards. The ’01 design was nice and clean and really ushered in the age of Bowman chrome dominance in the baseball rookie card market.

The colors on the Ackley up there look nice. The blue in his uni really looks good with the blue border on the card. I wouldn’t mind adding it to my stack.

Oh yeah, Bryce Harper will have one as well, and one of these,
and one of these.

So far Bryce Harper has more cards in Bowman than Stan Musial had his entire career. Not a knock on Bryce, just sayin’



2 responses to “Bowman Chrome win…

  1. What ever happened to Beardy?

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