End of a (mini) dynasty…

If I was a Red Sox fan I would be very nervous. First Terry Francona walks away over what appeared to be issue between him and the players. The club house got a little out of control. A problem when you have a mix of young players and high priced hired guns.

Now Theo Epstein, the real key behind their two WS titles appears ready to walk. Not good Boston.

Theo is a baseball master, granted he had tons of cash but he can find tons of cash with a number of other teams as well. Losing him won’t mean an end to the Red Sox but it will be a pretty sizable hit. Good sound decision making is what separates the Yankees and Red Sox from the Mets and Cubs (more on that later) of the league.

This could be a double edged sword for the Sox. First the loss of him in the front office and all that entails. Then he goes elsewhere and builds another contender that comes back and kicks the butt off of the Sox on a regular basis.

I would love for the Pirates to go out and get Theo and Terry and build a contender, but I doubt that will happen. It looks like he is headed to Chicago. If he can bring them a title like he did in Boston, forget about it.



2 responses to “End of a (mini) dynasty…

  1. I would love to see Theo go out and hire Ryne Sandberg. Not sure if they will give him leeway to do that since Quade has only had the job a year (plus a month), but I wanted Sandberg for the job last year anyway.

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